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Here at the Online Learning College we partner with some of the best awarding bodies in the country and worldwide. By partnering with some of the best organisations in the training sector we are able to offer fully accredited qualifications to our students with certificates that employers know and trust.


Cache are one of the UK’s best known awarding bodies and have been in operation since 1947. There are other companies which offer childcare qualifications but none have the same history and high standards as Cache. Employers in Childcare know this. So if you are walking into a job interview with a Cache qualification you can rest assured that this proves you can provide Early Years care to a very high standard.


“CACHE was set up in 1945 under the name of the National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB) by the Ministry of Health. The board set the syllabus for the first national examination which took place in 1947. In 1994, the NNEB merged with the Council for Early Years Awards to form CACHE. Then, in 2001, we incorporated the National Association for Maternal and Child Welfare and Her Majesty the Queen became our patron. In 2009, after demand from our Centres we started offering qualifications in adult care. In 2012, we used our expertise and quality from our Child Care and Social Care qualifications to launch four new health qualifications. In the intervening years we have continually invested in high quality qualifications. Written and developed by experts, they have helped millions of learners to raise professional standards in the sector, earning us a reputation for excellence and leadership.”

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The Institute of Supply Chain Management are recognised as a ground breaking and innovative company in their field. As the first international institute representing the interests of the supply chain industry, the IOSCM have members in many countries including the UK, USA, Qatar, Ghana, Holland and the UAE. With an incredible list of benefits for members, the institute have worked to provide qualifications in supply chain management, shipping, logistics, manufacturing and warehousing to people throughout the world.

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Their team of experts include representatives from BP, Post Office, TOM TOM, Sony and the United Nations and the entire institute has thousands of members that provide unparalleled support, guidance and training to people working in industry. The benefits of becoming a member of the IOSCM are extensive and include professional development opportunities, networking potential, recruitment services and corporate benefits.

The Online Learning College are a delivery partner of the IOSCM and offer 20 different courses for people working in the supply chain industry. Each of these qualifications comes with tutor support, help and guidance, an in-depth look into this exciting industry, full certification and 12 months IOSCM membership included.

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SFEDI Awards

SFEDI Awards work with the IOSCM to accredit courses for people in the supply chain industry. The two companies combined regulate and award certification to students in supply chain management, manufacturing, shipping, logistics and purchasing. Upon completion of any of these courses with the Online Learning College, students receive a certificate from IOSCM, a certificate from SFEDI and an OLC diploma all included in the course fees.

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CIW courses are the industry recognised credential for people working in the IT sector. Now into their third decade, CIW are one of the biggest providers of vendor-neutral web technology education and certification programs for professionals.


In the fast moving industry of IT, CIW has worked to become a sector leading awarding body and continues to certify thousands of students from around the globe every year with some of the most recognisable web-based certification there is.

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