Benefits of Childminders

When it comes to our children, we only want the best! When looking at childcare it can be rather daunting. Do you choose nursery? Childminder? Pre-school? Family care? There are lots of option and lots of different opinions and advice. In this post we will look at the positives of the childminder setting

Benefits of Childminders


A big advantage of using a childminder is, that your child will be one of a smaller group. This means they will have plenty of individual attention. Lots of one on one time in beneficial to children to aid their education anlogod development.

Childminders care for up to 6 children younger than 8. No more than 3 of those 6 children should be younger than 5. This number must include their own children, if applicable. A childminder may care for less children if they feel the size of their home is not suitable for those kinds of numbers.

Age groups at a childminders tend to be mixed. This mirrors family life better than a nursery setting. If your child doesn’t have any siblings, it will give them the opportunity to learn to feel comfortable around older and younger children. People with two or more children, take the opportunity for them all to be cared for together by the same childminder.

Most children in a childminder setting, are looked after by the same minder from babyhood through to secondary school. This gives children more continuity and security, encouraging positive relationship developments with other children and adults.

A great deal of parents prefer this family-friendly interaction. Many parent – minder relationships do develop into friendships. You trust this person with your child everyday so a bond is not uncommon.

A childminder can be the next best thing to your own home. If you’re lucky enough to find a good childminder who lives close by, your child may feel even more at home. Your child will recognise many places close to home when they go and about with their childminding setting.

Childminders can often be more flexible about pick-up and drop-off times than most nurseries. This extra flexibility may mean particularly useful if you work shifts and may you don’t have to organise back-up care as often. Although saying this it is important to let your childminder know if you’re going to be later or earlier picking up your child.

Childminders are trained to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This provides a structure of learning and care for children from birth to five years old. Many childminders are also parents themselves. So you know you are leaving your child with someone with great experience in caring for children.

Our Childminding Course

thThe CACHE Level 3 Award in Preparing to Work in Home Based Childcare  (QCF) has been developed in collaboration with the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY). This qualification prepares learners to set up a home based childcare setting as a registered childminder.

This qualification comes with Cache certification included at no additional cost. Cache are the UK’s leading awarding body in the care and education sectors and are work-renowned for the work which they do. Their courses are seen as an industry standard and many employers specifically request Cache certification when recruiting new people into a role.

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The Online Learning College are a Cache international centre and we work closely with subject specialists at the awarding body to create the best possible content for all of our qualifications. Since 1945, Cache have been working within the education and care sectors and have amassed a high amount of expertise and recognition for their work both at home and overseas.

You can read more about Cache by visiting their website.

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