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Course from Cache are one of the most sought after qualifications available in the UK or overseas. Cache courses come with great reputation and prove that a student has come to a very high standard of education. Here we take a look at who Cache are, when they started and why Cache courses are so highly regarded among education professionals.

Who are Cache?

Cache stands for the Council for Awards in Childcare, Health and Education and are based in the UK. They have been working for many decades within the education industry and are considered as one of the most accomplished awarding bodies in the world for the care sectors.


The qualifications that Cache produce are very specialised- they only work within the care and education sectors- and each is planned and worked through with a qualified subject specialists. As an Ofqual regulated awarding body, Cache are fully recognised for their hard work by the UK government as well as other governing bodies overseas, trade unions, professional associations and skills councils.

Based in Apex House, Herefordshire, Cache are able to work very closely with colleges in the UK and internationally and have over 1000 education providers who they work with.

Cache's history

The reputation of Cache courses comes from their history. In 2015 cache celebrated 70 years of accrediting quality skills and knowledge within the care sectors. Founded in 1945, Cache have been around for a very long time and used this period to hone their skills and understand the entire care sector, helping them to write course specification that meet the industry’s needs perfectly.

The future is very bright for the organisation still and with new centres emerging in the middle and far east as well as in the Americas, Cache certification is fast becoming a world renowned brand. Their hard work and focus on quality constantly shines through with Cache qualifications which is why they continue to build upon their heritage with new and exciting opportunities worldwide. Their hard work was rewarded further in 2001 when they merged with another awarding body and HRH The Queen joined their ranks as the patron of the entire organisation.

Why Cache?

Training providers choose to teach qualifications from Cache for many reasons, with the biggest being the quality that is recognised by learners. The need for quality courses and certification is compelling for all students and with a Cache course learners know they are getting taught to the highest standard.

Cache qualifications are instantly recognisable as industry leading and will continue to be recognised in this way for many years to come. This makes a Cache qualification highly sought after for learners and employers. With the quality that Cache have and the expertise which their organisation brings together, they are highly regarded within the education industry and will continue to dominate the care sectors with their quality provision.

Areas of learning

With only specific industries served by Cache certification, the awarding body is able to be very specialised and ensuring they offer only the highest quality. Childcare, Health and Social and Education are currently the sectors which Cache work within and their courses are held in highest regard in each.

Health and Social Care courses
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With courses from entry level to level 5, they can offer qualifications that are perfect for distance learning, colleges and apprenticeships so the variety of teaching methods which are used with Cache courses is incredibly wide.

Industry standard

As we have already discussed, the hard work and sacrifice of those at Cache does not go unrecognised. Their reputation proceeds them and employers, universities and training providers know that their course are the best available within the care and education sectors. This makes Cache qualifications the most sought after for learners who work within these industries who are looking for employment, promotions or a place at university.

Some employers within childcare or health and social care will actively seek people to fill positions who have Cache certification. A qualification from Cache on a person’s CV is a reminder to the employer that this person has achieved a very high standard of learning and completed tasks to a satisfactory standard as set by the one of the world’s leading education organisations.

Cache Courses


Cache Level 2 Certificate Introducing Caring for Children & Young People

This course is designed for new and existing childcare practitioners to gain the necessary skills to launch a career in Early Years. With a Cache Level 2 qualification, learners are much more employable and can go on to work in a rewarding Nursery Nurse role. With units ranging from safeguarding to child development, the course gives a broad knowledge of childcare and prepares learners to work in the childcare sector.

Cache Level 3 Award in Childcare and Education

The CACHE Level 3 Award in Childcare and Education teaches learners a vast array of vital knowledge necessary when working with children. The course covers many aspects of the health and development of a child during the Early Years and the role of an Early Years Educator during this important stage in life.



Cache Level 3 Award in Preparing to Work in Home-based Childcare

The CACHE Level 3 Award in Preparing to Work in Home Based Childcare (QCF) has been developed in collaboration with the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY). This qualification prepares learners to set up a home based childcare setting as a registered childminder.

Cache Level 2 Award in Support Work in Schools

This qualification prepares learners to work in a school setting and develops the knowledge needed to care for children and adolescents in a way that aids their learning and development at all times. The course covers the skills needed to work in the classroom and fulfil many different roles and cover a variety of tasks working directly with children and young people. With Cache certification included, this course is perfect for those looking to start a career as a teaching assistant.



Cache Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

This qualification is the ideal route into employment working in a support role in school and results in Level 3 certification from one of the most recognised awarding bodies for the care and education sector- Cache. The Cache Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools has been specifically designed to teach the skills need to begin working in schools and develops understanding of the legislation, relationships and developmental techniques that are require for this role.

​CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

Studying for a Cache qualification in Health and Social care with the Online Learning College provides you with an in-depth look into the care sector and prepares you for a role working with those in need of care. The Cache Level 2 is perfect for new or existing carers who wish to achieve a formal qualification with one of the worlds most recognisable awarding bodies in the care sector.



​CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

This Level 3 Health and Social Care course from Cache is a fantastic qualification for both new and existing care workers. With the in-depth knowledge of the sector and working in social care that this qualification provides, you will be much better equip for a rewarding role caring for those in the need of care and support.

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