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The Online Learning College are pleased to announce their new partnership with CIW to offer a range of qualifications in web design and IT.

An American based company, with students all around the world, CIW have built a strong reputation in the IT sector over the past few decades. With many courses available to students seeking to gain an internationally recognised qualification in IT, the CIW courses are perfect to launch a career or as a qualification to go alongside experience in industry. With quality web sites and IT systems no longer a luxury for a modern business and the continuous development of new technologies, the industry has seen a massive boom in recent years and with the right qualifications, students can embark on an exciting career in this technical sector.

With over a billion websites now online and an ever-increasing number of companies employing their own IT departments, a career in IT is one of the safest and most promising careers you can have in 2015. Web designers also have the added option of easily and quickly setting up your own company catering to smaller/medium enterprise to meet the web design and content management demand.

The CIW learning system houses all of the CIW courses for students to access 24/7 through their own account. With many courses for new or experienced web designers, the Online Learning College is able to cater to lots of different needs. Offering the CIW foundations course for new learners as well as more in-depth qualifications focusing on specific scripting language such as Perl, JavaScript or HTML, we are able to take students with little experience and provide quality training to develop you into an web design wizard!



Available CIW Courses

Web Design CIW Course

Web Design Specialist

A career as a web designer is one which is full of potential for owning your own business or getting promoted into new positions. With a qualification in web design, students will have demonstrated their proficiency with modern website construction and the ability to create stunning new designs to attract customers in a technology-driven world. Learn more about this course

E-Commerce Specialist

Being able to construct accessible and structured e-commerce websites is essential for any web designer. This qualification is ideal for those who are looking for an in-depth course explaining the requirements of selling online and being able to meet the needs of the modern, online shopper. Learn more about this course

ecommerce specialist course

web foundation course

CIW Web Foundations Associate

The CIW Web Foundations course is designed to provide a basis to launch a career in a web-based industry and develops students knowledge of scripting language and web design. Once certified, students on this qualification will have shown their digital literacy and understanding of the main technologies that are associated with modern business. Learn more about this course

Advanced HTML 5.0 and CSS

Two of the most commonly used coding languages, HTML and CSS are used to construct many websites and online platforms. Both are essential for any web developer and this qualification teaches a strong knowledge of the coding skills required to build and develop online platforms. Learn more about this course

html and css course

database specialist course

Database Design Specialist

The CIW Database Design Specialist course teaches students how to plan and construct databases using logical and efficient methods. A key component for many types of businesses, database specialists are able to construct and maintain information on internal systems in order to streamline business operations. Learn more about this course

JavaScript Specialist

JavaScript is one of the most common coding languages used in the modern world and is an essential tool for any computer coder or web designer. A good knowledge of JavaScript is built through this qualification for students to use in their careers in a web-based industry. Learn more about this course

javascript course

perl specialist course

Perl Specialist

This qualification teaches students the concepts of the Perl programming language and introduces the necessary requirements for writing scripts. With the basic syntax and data types taught, students will be able to code their own scripts, interact with text files and debug Perl scripts through this qualification. Learn more about this course

Web Security Associate

Being able to protect systems from invaders and unauthorised activity is one of the most important skills that any IT technician can have. Protecting networks is very important for any company and this course prepares students to build secure systems and prepare against any hacking activity. Learn more about this course

web security course

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