IT Qualifications

microsoft outlook course

The IT industry in the UK alone is now worth in excess of £80 billion per year. That’s around £8.8 million an hour or £146,000 every single minute. Needless to say this industry employs a massive amount of people who work to create websites, software, data structures and a massive amount of systems that keep businesses working. The rise of the IT industry in the UK alone has been huge and this is only set to continue to grow and develop in the years and decades to come.

With such highly competitive markets there comes a need for highly qualified staff in this sector and if you are thinking about a career working in IT you need to think carefully about the right qualifications to help you do this. Going to university and earning a degree is usually the most obvious choice but this is not always accessible or affordable for most people. As well as this a university degree can only give you knowledge into specific areas that may not be relevant to the sector, this is why so many people decide to learn new skills through distance learning while working in the IT sector. Doing this helps to increase your knowledge as well as giving you the valuable experience working in IT that employers look for.

At Online Learning College we offer a variety of different courses to people working in the IT industry, from web design to data management so that you can get the right course to suit your career. All of our courses can be completed quickly and for a fraction of the cost which it can cost at traditional colleges and universities. Click on the course categories for IT or Web Design to find courses that can help you either launch your career or progress up the ladder and get that promotion!

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