Management Level 3 Course Online

Studying for a Management Level 3 course online is a great way to learn new skills and get a recognised qualification that helps to climb the career ladder and gain a promotion. A Management Level 3 qualification gives students the knowledge and confidence to manage a team in a variety of different work roles. With a new course that covers the principles of management, students can apply for job roles where they lead a team of individuals towards success in a variety of environments such as:


Child care settings

Senior care homes

Business environments

Any kind of work role where you must lead a team

Why get qualified?

Getting qualified in management is the best way to move up in your career into a management role. With a new qualification you could apply for jobs in management or simply learn the skills required to lead your existing team more successfully. With a knowledge of different leadership and management styles, as well as ways of planning and monitoring work, a Level 3 online management course is great for anyone working in a small, medium or large organisation.

Understanding the roles of leader and how to manage a team in a variety of situations are the key qualities of successful leaders. Throughout the new online Management Level 3 course you can also learn more about setting targets for employees and ways of tracking progress to ensure continued success. A large part of any management role is being able to motivate your team and discipline anyone that does not meet the required standards- something which a new course can help you to do fairly and effectively.

Any employer looking to take on someone in a management role will need them to use their own initiative and the ability to improve. By preparing for a new working role with a Management Level 3 course through online study, you will have proved that you can identify areas in your own development and work to improve your skills at all times.

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Why study online?

Studying online is now the best possible way to gain a new qualification. By completing a Management Level 3 course online you can study anywhere and at any time. This means getting qualified is easy and effective for anyone! Online study is quickly becoming the most popular method of learning new skills and ensures that students can work at the same time as studying and get a new qualification effectively. Some of the main reasons to study online for a management course are:

Easy and effective- Learning management skills and theories online is very easy and ensures that you can study in your own time. By cutting out travel times and wasted energy in a traditional college, you can get accredited quicker with the exact same support from a tutor.

Learn and earn at the same time- Without days spent in a college, online study helps students to work in their current role- meaning you will not lose out on earnings. Working on evenings and at weekends towards a new course means that your time can be spent on learning new skills rather than travelling to a college- so you can fit your studying in around existing commitments with no fuss.

Cost effective- Due to the nature of online study, we can save money on expensive lecture halls. This is something a traditional college cannot do and they must therefore charge more money to students. Studying online for a new management course means that you can get a new qualification for less money and still receive the same help and support every step of the way!

What will I learn?

Throughout the NCFE Level 3 Management qualification you will learn a number of different techniques and skills required to be a successful manager. The qualification is completed over 7 units which each cover a vital area of business management. These units are:

Unit 1: Principles of people management

Understand the principles of workforce management

Understand equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion

Understand team building and dynamics

Understand performance management

Understand training and development

Understand reward and recognition

Understand the principles of conflict management

Unit 2: Principles of business

Understand business markets

Understand business innovation and growth

Understand financial management

Understand business budgeting

Understand sales and marketing

Unit 3: Principles of leadership and management

Understand the principles of effective decision making

Understand leadership styles and models

Understand the role, functions and processes of management

Understand performance management

Unit 4: Understand how to improve business performance

Understand the principles of resolving business problems

Understand improvement techniques and processes

Understand the principles of change management

Unit 5: Understand equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Understand the organisational aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Understand the personal aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Unit 6: Understand how to resolve customers’ problems and complaints

Understand the monitoring and resolution of customers’ problems

Understand the monitoring and resolution of customers’ complaints

Unit 7: Understand how to monitor customer service interactions and feedback

Understand how to monitor the quality of customer service interactions

Understand how to gather, analyse and interpret customer feedback

What do I get when I finish?

At the end of the NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Management, learners are awarded an NCFE Level 3 qualification. This course is fantastic for anyone that is looking for a recognised NVQ qualification that employers understand and appreciate. Certification from NCFE gives you a full qualification from one of the UKs most recognisable and largest Awarding Bodies.

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