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Working in childcare is a career that boasts benefits like few others. The rewarding nature of working with children makes a job in early years very appealing to so many people who wish to provide quality care for children in such an important time of their life. But their are of course things to consider when starting a career in childcare, just like any other career path.

It it right for me?

Working with children takes the right sort of person. You must be patient and kind and willing to help others. The hours can be long and it can be messy work at times! But it is one of the few careers that has such genuine fun and creativity with it which only children can bring. The nature of working with young children makes the job entertaining, rewarding and never dull. There will never be two days the same and if you love being around children it could certainly be the right job for you.

What age should I work with?

There are a few different options when it comes to the ages of the children you could work with. You may wish to work with very young children and babies, in which case a career in a day nursery may be suitable. Or you may wish to care for slightly older children and begin working in a pre-school or primary. Lots of early years practitioners will work in a few different settings during their career and you most will begin in a nursery before moving up and working in schools.

Which qualifications?

There are lots of qualifications to choose from when working in childcare. There are also lots of awarding bodies and you may be wondering what the difference between them is. When it comes to childcare, knowledge and experience is everything. That is why we only recommend completing childcare qualifications with Cache, the UK’s industry experts for courses in the care sectors. Cache courses are subject to quality control like no other and the outcome is that their courses are very in-depth and the qualification achieved is the best you can possibly get. Employers know this- which is why they will specifically look for new employees with Cache qualifications.

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What sort of things will I learn when getting qualified?

There are all sorts of things which you will be learning while studying for a childcare course. From physical care routines to safeguarding and child protection, there are many different aspects to working with children that practitioners must know. Courses will cover different aspects and you should ensure that you find a course which contains the units that are most suitable to the ages that you wish to work with.

With full courses and smaller CPD qualifications available, there are many different qualifications that are available to study through the online learning college from home. Our expert tutors include childcare practitioners with many years of experience and managers and owners of nurseries to ensure that you are given the best possible education in early years.

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