What makes a Good Teacher?

It is said patience is a virtue and that has never been truer than for people working in education.

Teaching is a sector which is demands a lot of personal skills. It is well known being a good teacher requires hard work, skill and dedication. Many people think different elements make the best teachers. Unsurprisingly parents and children have differing views.

Here are some of the most popular aspects of what is considered being a good teacher:

  • Respect and value students– In a classroom, each person’s ideas and opinions should be valued. Everyone should be allowed to express their feelings and concerns. Students should be taught to respect and listen to others, whether they agree or not. A good teacher should strive to create a considerate learning environment for all students.


  • Make students feel accepted – Creating a community style environment within a classroom is important. This type of environment promotes mutual respect and support. Within this community, as in real world communities, there are rules and jobs that need to be followed and completed. Every student should be aware of the role they play. It should be stressed that each role is an important, integral part of the group.


  • Be warm, welcoming and enthusiastic – A person who is approachable is considered to be a person who is respected. Students should know that they can go to their teachers with anything. Whether this be a problem, serious concern or even just a funny anecdote. Great teachers should possess good listening skills and take time out of their schedules for anyone who needs them. Personal baggage should be left behind and they should focus on the needs and problems of their students.


  • Believe all students can achieve realistically high goals – Good teachers realise that the expectations they put on their students affects the way they achieve. If a teacher sets goals that are unrealistically high students will feel discouraged and disappointed if they fail to reach these goals. On the other hand, if a teacher sets goals that are too low, students can feel let down and stupid. This in turn will lead to them thinking they cannot do better and therefore they will stop trying.


  • Have a love for learning and education – As times and students change, it is vital that teachers be willing to learn new things as well. A good teacher must not be afraid of introducing new strategies to lessons. They must be willing to go the extra mile and keep up to date with new technologies, new ideas and new studies into education to provide the highest level of education possible.


  • Should be flexible – A good teacher should be able to judge/move with the flow of the lesson. If it is not going to plan, be able to change the structure without losing sight of the information that needs to be taught.


  • Must be professional —from personal appearance to organizational skills. A good teacher must have good communication skills. They must be able to communicate clearly with students, parents, colleagues and outside services. Whilst being available to students, they must maintain the air of authority. A good teacher should be respected. They must remember they are there to teach not to make friends.


It is not always easy to become a good teacher. Whilst some people have these traits naturally others have to work for it; this does not make the benefits any less wonderful. Teaching is a hugely rewarding sector that provides both students and teachers with great personal benefits.

Everyone remembers their favourite teacher from school. Someone that encouraged, supported and influenced their entire academic career. While sometimes teachers may never get the feeling they are being appreciated, they are valued in more ways than they realise. Not only by students, but by parents and the rest of the community.

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